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September 01 2017

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forse la più grande fra le verità della vita

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August 31 2017

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Si ma…è roba cinese quella

la condizione ontologica della RUSPA non ha territori, né confini: è un universale del cuore e dello spirito.

August 30 2017

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These are the ZX Spectrum works from this year’s Chaos Construction demoscene party that took place last weekend in St. Petersburg.

The images above are ordered from first to last place as voted at the party (7th place that is not in the chart is Drinker by Dimidrol).

Dmitri ‘Moroz1999′ Ponomarjov cleaned the place with the best entry in the main graphics category (new works prepared earlier for the competition) as well as in realtime graphics, which is a 2.5h competition that happens at the event (the prompt was ‘city of the future’).

There were much fewer entries in realtime than last year (I slept through it after working all night on the main entry lol), but all in all we got some great new works added to the Spectrum scene.

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the fancy defenders

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in style

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this is me during my best runs

August 29 2017

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August 28 2017

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Me after tonight’s Twin Peaks episode.

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August 27 2017

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Monument to the Unknown Bureaucrat, Reykjavik, Iceland 

The ’Unknown Bureaucrat’ was created in 1994 by Iceland artist and sculptor Magnus Tomasson. It’s probably the most noticeable, and certainly the most amusing and expressive sculpture in the city, which is notablef or the many little intriguing details that can be picked out.

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